About Us

Bengal Platform stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration, a multifaceted organization focused on empowering communities and sparking growth across various sectors. Led by Md. Sohanur Rahman, recognized as সোহান সরকার in literary circles for his contributions as a writer, this young entrepreneur and computer engineer’s personal insights and expertise are showcased at sohanweb.com. Under his guidance, Bengal Platform offers a diverse portfolio, including digital imagination through Pixel Suggest (pixelsuggest.com), content excellence via Royal Bengal Writer (royalbengalwriter.com), and innovative online shopping platforms such as Shop.Rajibpur.com (shop.rajibpur.com), Mayahorin.com (mayahorin.com), Folahar.com (folahar.com), Sylhoti.com (sylhoti.com), Moymon.com (moymon.com), Shop.Rowmari.com (shop.rowmari.com), and eKishoreganj (ekishoreganj.com), and the newly added RBW Book Shop (shop.royalbengalwriter.com), each providing a unique shopping experience. Additionally, Rajibpur.com (rajibpur.com) serves as an informative site for the local community, while News Links (newslinks.royalbengalwriter.com) caters to the Bengali-speaking community, and Bengal Consultant (consultant.bengalplatform.com) offers strategic business and IT consultancy services.

Our initiatives are catalysts for change, meticulously designed to enhance lifestyles, boost business growth, and foster a deeper connection within communities. Founded on a determined effort for excellence and a deep understanding of the communities we serve, Bengal Platform is committed to creating a lasting positive impact. We believe in the power of unity and the transformative effect it can have on the world. Through our comprehensive range of services, we aim not only to meet but exceed expectations, providing innovative, reliable, and tailored solutions to today’s dynamic challenges. As we continue to expand our reach and refine our offerings, Bengal Platform, inspired by the leadership of Md. Sohanur Rahman, remains focused on its mission to be a force for good, driving progress, and uniting people in a shared journey towards a brighter, more connected community.